Creating U Staff 

Owner/ Director

Celeste grew up in Slidell as a self-proclaimed tomboy. When she turned 18, her mother thought a little "polishing" wouldn't hurt her and enrolled her in modeling. Celeste learned to work the runway and pose for the camera at a modeling and acting school in New Orleans. Although the school did not come through on their promise to make her a star, she still found this experience invaluable. It raised her self-confidence, increased her poise and taught her how to speak in front of an audience. Celeste signed with an agency and began booking runway, promotional modeling and acting jobs while completing college with a degree in Drama and Communications. She enjoyed the work, but began thinking of her time in acting and modeling school and the ways the experience could be improved. In March 2012, Creating U was opened with the goal of providing individualized attention and no overblown promises. 

Celeste Hart

Administrative Assistant/ Coach

Patricia Guevara


Shelby Faciane


Matthew Eli Judd

Matthew was born and raised just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. In high school, after accidentally signing up for Acting, he quickly understood the benefit performing can play in developing confidence that extends well beyond the stage or screen. This belief was emboldened when attending Kennesaw State University for a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre & Performance Studies and the University of Southern Mississippi for a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Acting. Matthew has loved exploring the ways in which Acting and Living can be viewed in concert to better understand and excel at the other. While most of his experience has been on stage, there has always been a fondness and appreciation for the nuance and subtlety that film allows an actor to explore. He has directed, written, acted, and/or edited in 15 short films, many of which were made as part of the 48 Hour Film Project in Atlanta and New Orleans. Matthew is excited to share his passion for Acting with the Greater New Orleans area because even if your goal is not to be a professional actor, there are so many things you can learn from performing: Confidence, Compassion, Catharsis. If Acting is living truthfully under make believe circumstances, then Living must be acting truthfully under real circumstances.


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