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Corporate Training

The job market can be a tough thing to navigate, whether you are hunting for a new option or looking to grow in the company you are with. It takes confidence in your training and skill set as well as self-confidence. We offer training in both private and group settings to help the individual or the entire team.

Meeting the Staff



There is value in the way you present yourself, in a handshake, in eye contact and in proper conversation skills. Corporate etiquette lessons can re-enforce what you already know about yourself with ways of making you engage with others. Even as an employee in a larger company, you are in the business of sales and the product you are selling is YOU. In this class we cover proper body language, attire, phone etiquette, along with interviewing skills and resume techniques.

Public Speaker



The skills that we instill in our actor and models are designed around building confidence and character. We apply that same strategy with business professionals, giving you the confidence to stand in front of a room of your employees, peers, upper management or potential new clients and deliver a captivating performance. We can partner with you in developing an engaging presentation by making yourself a more lively and personable presenter.

FREE consult.

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