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Creating U Academy is dedicated to the training and development of all its students. Our goal is to give every student the necessary attention to succeed in any aspect of life, not just the entertainment industry. Our students do work in the Modeling, Television, Film and Commercial industry, but who they are and how they feel inside is most important. Building self confidence and having strong public speaking abilities is our main goal and concern for all of our students. We want them to feel good about the way they take pictures and confident enough to stand up and be okay with speaking in front of people. Creating U is a place where you can benefit at any age or stage in life.

Mission Statement

FREE acting or modeling consult.


Professional training for TV, film, commercials and overall personal growth.


Professional Training for high fashion, runway, print, live events and booth and promo opportunities.

life etiquette

Learn how to present yourself in a professional manner and become memorable and likeable.

corporate training

Learn how to develop skills for interviewing, public speaking, social and life.

Our Approach

Our Responsibilty

Louisiana’s contributions to the movie, model and fashion industries have exploded in recent years and continue to soar at a rapid pace. That’s why we started Creating U, a professional acting, modeling and life etiquette training academy. We want to meet the growing needs of the industry by providing ongoing training. We limit our classes to 8 students in order to ensure one-on-one attention from our professional instructors. We provide exceptional training and instill confidence and professionalism. We don’t offer phantom limelight jobs or bogus contests, and we don’t pay someone to tell you you’re special. Instead, our instructors’ time is concentrated on giving you the tools necessary to prove your worth and accomplish your goals. Some students simply want to increase confidence for themselves in every day life. Some desire nothing more than to make extra money on movie sets or modeling. Others want to pay their way through college. And, of course, there are those who yearn to be stars. No matter your goals, you will leave Creating U highly trained, ready to work professionally and exuding confidence.

The skills learned here go far beyond the industry. It had spilled over into my son's school classroom where he is more confident, more engaged, and has better critical thinking skills then ever before!!!!

Victoria Masters


Angele Dupre

I've been at creating you for a couple months now and I can't think of where I'd be if I hadn't enrolled there. I've learned so much and have gained more than I could have ever imagined. 

Nathan Killen

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