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Our acting classes begin with the foundations of basic camera technique, script analysis, scene study, audition techniques, improvisation and so much more. We then continue to build on that foundation while strengthening each students acting skills. Students will learn the difference between auditioning for a commercial versus auditioning for a film. We teach students how to stay focused, and how to have big energy that is believable, yet not over the top. Improvisation is a big portion of our training. This not only helps students think more quickly, but this helps with everyday life, interviews and more believable acting. Serious actors should never stop practicing and perfecting their skills.

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By incorporating a camera into the work that we are doing in class, we are able to capture some of the exercises and activities that our students are performing. We want to provide an opportunity to shine a spotlight on some of the work they do. Check back here regularly to see what the spotlight catches next!

In our Wednesday morning Advanced Adult acting class, students were asked to explore the sudden discovery of a heartbreaking death. Upon walking into the room, the actors were to "discover" a loved one has died and lay behind police tape and to explore their own emotional reactions to this discovery. It's heavy, yes, but, as actors, we are routinely asked to call upon big emotions and difficult situations to find realistic, compelling performances.


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