Posing Print

Posing Print for both Models and Actors (8 weeks)
This interactive workshop teaches students how to properly pose for the camera with both body and face to capture their best angles and features. Many auditions require photos to be taken on the spot. This class helps students overcome camera shyness and gives them the confidence they need in photo posing and facial expressions. Typically, the first impression a casting director or talent agent receives from an actor or model is from professional photos. It is imperative the talent is very comfortable and confident with print work.

(Ages 9-Adult) Some topics include: Overcoming shyness with the camera; all types of model posing; facial expressions, mannequin, show room, promotional and fitness modeling, body-parts and jewelry; the difference between commercial and editorial; how to become a print model; how to be camera-ready with hair and make-up; selecting a good photographer; what do casting directors and agents look for; how to stand out, and much more.