What is Modeling? Modeling is defined as an art form that promotes, displays and advertises commercial products(notably fashion clothing). High fashion Modeling focuses on magazines, editorials and high fashion designer shows.

Fashion Models have a specific age, height and size requirements. However, Commercial Modeling has no height requirement and they can come in all shapes and sizes. In Commercial Modeling the Model is selling a product or promoting a service. The only requirement is that they are marketable and bookable. High Fashion Modeling is only 10% of the overall industry, Commercial Modeling encompasses the other 90%. At Creating U we teach each and every student how to present themselves professionally, work on camera, audition and interview, walk with poise and to be more confident. The main goal is to make our students not only bookable, but amazing. Owner Celeste Hart works tirelessly to provide our students with opportunities in all markets including Louisiana.


These courses teach students how to professionally walk the runway and carry themselves with confidence, poise and correct posture. Students will learn what is expected of them on auditions and go-sees, and what will make them stand out. Most importantly, students will feel good about their appearance, walk and overall self-image.


This interactive workshop teaches students how to properly pose for the camera with both body and face to capture their best angles and features.


This workshop focuses on conducting oneself in a positive, professional way. With these classes, students build confidence and self-esteem, learn to present a positive image, generate social success, and learn to be respectful to others while acquiring lifetime leadership skills.


This is a thorough introduction for students who are looking for a solid foundation and education in makeup application and skincare