Advanced Acting

Agency and Casting Director Preparation

Each student selects one scene to perform, and during class we will go through all steps required to perform that scene effectively. Students will learn how to understand what that character’s objective is and how to make good choices during the scene. By the end of the session, all students should have one scene that they can perform at auditions or interviews.

Advanced Acting Classes

This class is designed for students who have taken the 40 week package or who are booking acting jobs and would like to continue developing their craft. Serious actors should never stop practicing and perfecting their art and skills.

Ages 5-12, 13-16, 17-Adult
Some topics and exercises included are: working on the actor’s strengths and weaknesses, different acting styles, scene work with multi-person scenes, reading comprehension, advanced character development, staying on track, knowing your type, breaking down a script, improv, how to build and maintain your reputation.