We are a group of working, represented Actors in the NOLA/Southeast market who want to teach others how to do the same. Our focus is On-Camera Acting for Film, Television, and Commercials. We approach our classes with the goal to teach you the Universal Skills of Confidence and Self-Esteem that can then be applied to the business side of our Craft.

The Craft is explored through Scene Study, Script Analysis, Audition Techniques, Improvisation, Character, and World Building. The classes are fluid and address the Actor as an Individual, where they are in their growth and Journey as a creative. We keep the class sizes small, maximum of 8 in our Kids, Teens, and Adults and a maximum of 6 in our Young Kids because we want you to have as much hands on training as possible.


Each of our Acting Sessions are 8 weeks and run continuously throughout the year. Students have the option of taking one 8 week class as a trial to see how they like it. Our normal acting package runs 40 weeks, and then for those who are pursuing acting, we have ongoing continued advanced acting classes. We take ages 9 – Adult for all levels including Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Our classes are all on camera so the students can see where they are doing well and where they need to improve.


As a class we go through several scenes and break them down together and individually. Step by step, we go through the work that is expected of actors once they are handed a script. Once we set the expectations of what is expected of every actor during the pre-production stage, we start to explore the concept of “cue and impulse” and how it builds in every scene. From there we move onto the character’s psychological intent and how an actor uses that to make BIG choices.


Each student selects one scene to perform, and during class we will go through all steps required to perform that scene effectively. Students will learn how to understand what that character’s objective is and how to make good choices during the scene. By the end of the session, all students should have one scene that they can perform at auditions or interviews.


Taught by top Los Angeles casting directors and acting coaches. All actors should take these workshops! Many actors do not get booked for a job or lose a job after it has been booked because of poor professionalism. Some topics included are: Headshots, Resumes, How to Conduct yourself in the Audition Room, Interviewing with an Agent, What do Casting Directors really want?, Maintaining a Positive Attitude, Forward Momentum, How to be a working Actor, Preparation for a Job, Set Etiquette, Proper Blocking and much more.