Summer Camps and Intensive Workshops

~June 25-29 & July 16-20 ~ June 5-10

Creating U Studio

We Train, Develop and Advertise Actors, Models and Singers.

The goal of Creating U is to build self confidence and instill professionalism in each an every student. We have classes in Modeling, Acting, Public Speaking / Presentation Skills, Singing and Life Etiquette. Whether your goal is to be an Actor, Model, Singer or an Executive trying to brush up on your public speaking, interviewing or presentation skills, we have you covered. We have one on one training, small groups, and regular size groups. Our groups never exceed 8. Every client is different, so we customize programs based on the needs and goals of those individuals.

Our Curriculum


Our classes are great for males and females who want to learn the correct modeling techniques for the runway

Posing Print

This interactive workshop teaches students how to properly pose for the camera with both body and face to capture their best angles and features.


All of our acting classes are considered on-going training. We begin with the foundations of basic camera technique, script analysis, and scene study. Then we continue to build on that foundation and strengthen those acting skills while making stronger, more believable choices as actors.

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